• Chela J. Gurnee

Beauty Within: My Journey to My Soul Purpose

Coming back to jewelry in 2015 after 11 years away felt inspiring, energizing, and

free. Building my business from the ground up gave me a sense of purpose, and

results came fast. Seeing my business grow and evolve was so empowering. 

As my business continued to expand over the years, I saw that my jewelry helped women feel their inner beauty, strength, and power. The jewelry was healing. At first, I attributed that to the powers of the gems I was working with, but the comments kept coming: my customers spoke of a sense of peace and grounding when they wore my jewelry. 

I pondered on what it was about my jewelry that allowed customers to feel empowered, beautiful, and strong, spiritual and centered when they wore it. Through this inquiry and my own inner healing work, I discovered that I was infusing the healing energy of unconditional love into my work. 

This inner work I was doing on myself went deep. I was learning to love myself

unconditionally, healing patterns that weren’t serving me, addressing traumas from

my past, and breaking generational family patterns. The deeper I went into my

healing, the more I wanted to bring this work to other women who struggled with

a lack of self-love, body image issues, a lack of direction, patterns of dating the

wrong men, self-depreciation, giving away their power, seeking approval from

outside, and so much more. 

My jewelry was a portal that when worn, women could tap into their own sense of

inner beauty that is rooted in the earth, strong and unshakable. This unshakeable

sense of beauty is the thread I wanted to keep unraveling, and this curiosity led

me to my soul purpose. I have the ability to tap into the beauty within each and

every person I come across, as well as find what is stopping a person from being

able to tap into that feeling and expression. 

Sometimes, it’s possible for me to plant this seed through brief encounters, more so with a brief deep conversation. The most powerful and palpable experience comes when I use my energy, healing, words, and experience to guide someone during a session to sense their own beauty within. Guiding people to their personal-rooted sense of beauty, inner strength, self-love, empowerment, and soul purpose is my soul purpose. The work that I do is through my personal energetic gifts, guided meditations,

intuition, shamanic healing techniques, and more. 

I am so excited to share with you, my dedicated followers, that I am walking into

my power as a healer and living my soul purpose. My intuition has been guiding

me for the last year and a half to step into this role and out of my identity as a

jeweler. I am now listening. 

It’s been a long time in the making, and it comes with sadness to complete this

chapter of my life, but it was the vehicle to becoming and discovering who I am,

and I am so grateful! Plus, I got to meet you! I have met so many beautiful,

strong women (and men, too, actually) through my jewelry career, and you have

all been my inspiration.

In case you are wondering if I have any remaining jewelry for sale and you would

like another “Chela piece,” my personal jewelry inventory is low; what is left is

listed on my website, https://www.chelagurnee.com/shop

Some of my retailers still have pieces, too; if you would like one of my last

pieces, please visit my retailers’ shops and/or websites.

Los Poblanos Farm Shop


Ooh Aah Jewelry


Howl Mercantile


Shop on the Mesa


Albuquerque Museum Shop

(no website)

It is possible that I will make jewelry in the future on the occasion I feel inspired to

do so, and I will share those pieces when I have them, but my formal jewelry

business is in transition to close. 

Thank you all for your support and love of my work. You have all been the

inspiration and guides to doing my new work.  

I find it so interesting that my official transition is happening right around the lunar and solar eclipses. Lunar eclipses are about the ending of things, and Solar eclipses are about things beginning. I also turn 50 on July 21st. It’s all in perfect timing!  

If you would like to know more about the healing work that I do and how it might

apply to you; I am offering a complimentary 20 minute session.

Please email me at chelagurnee@icloud.com to set up a time.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

With love,

Chela Gurnee 

-Self Love Guide

-Energy work

-Holistic Health Coach

-Alter and Sacred Space Curator

-Soul Purpose, Soul Mate Activation




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