• Chela J. Gurnee

New year, new growth!

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2018 was about growth for me, getting rid of old thinking patterns, old behaviors and building new muscles of loving and honoring myself more. These have been huge steps for me and I hope to continue to grow and evolve in 2019, becoming more and more true to myself and my creativity. This year, one of my goals to to get closer to my life purpose. Whether it is jewelry or not, I have become aware that jewelry is part of my path in getting there.

Making jewelry is one of those things I get into in a way that I lose track of time because I’m so in the flow. I want to dig deeper into the healing benefits of jewelry, the energy I put into my pieces and all things healing. I am excited to see how deep I can go in discovering where the paths of jewelry and healing merge. I may be forging my own path with this and that is both scary and exciting to me!

I had so much fun giving myself permission to create a few pieces this year that took a lot more time and therefore end up being pricier than my usual work. This necklace is one of those pieces, with handmade chain, hand sawn pattern, layered metal, etc. I love how it came out. And whether they sell or not, I will be doing more of this in 2019, because it fills my soul with contentment, passion and inspiration.

I hope you find things this year that make your heart sing too. NAMASTE and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

*this piece is in my shop if you want to see more pics and price. 😉

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