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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

I have been going through a lot of transitions in my life lately, some of which I have mentioned in previous blog posts. Simultaneously, I’ve been really bored and uninspired with my wardrobe everyday, not even sure what the “authentic Chela” style really is anymore.

Then one day I was intrigued by one of my repeat clients, so I checked out her Instagram feed, and learned that she is a stylist! I reached out to Sara Hiris, Mindful Stylist/Teacher/Speaker, and chose Sara’s package called The Ultimate Wardrobe Edit.

Sara and I began The Edit with a brief meditation and set my intention for the session. Then, we pulled out clothes I felt good in. She gave me new ideas of how to pair these pieces with other clothes I already own, and it blew my mind!

We then added accessories and, as you may have guessed, I have lots of my own Chela Gurnee pieces to pair with clothing. I was delighted and amazed at how great I felt in the new-to-me outfit combinations we created from clothes I already had!

Plus, we noticed that every time we added one of my Chela Gurnee Jewelry pieces, not only did the outfit really come together and POP, but I felt great in the whole ensemble. I felt like I was both coming back to my true self and also coming into my new self.

Sara and I wanted to share with you some tips that helped me turn the dread of finding something to wear into a creative, empowering, and joyful experience!

Here are some examples of some simple clothing  items many women have in their wardrobe that really POP when combined with jewelry filled with love and good vibes.

1. Sara begins style consultations prompting you to pull ALL of your clothes/shoes/accessories out. She invites you to take the time to truly OBSERVE them in an objective, non-judgmental way. (For example, in my case I saw lots of t-shirts and jeans.) She then invites you to REFLECT on what you see in your wardrobe and to sort clothes into categories of: love these, not sure about these, don’t resonate with these anymore.

2. We invite YOU to do the same! Play with clothes that you love and that make you feel good and like YOU. Combine things you never combined before. Take some fun and creative risks. Maybe do some dance moves to great music.

3. Next, take those creative outfits you feel happy and confident in and put them on, take a selfie so you remember the combinations, or maybe just mix-and-match the clothes on your bed and take pictures of the new-to-you outfits you’ve created!

4. Take your *new* outfits for a spin in the spring air! Maybe use these great *free* and *fresh* outfits as an excuse to connect with friends. Paraphrasing style icon, Iris Apfel, open your door and shout, “Hello, World! Here I am!”


Clients have often told me that my jewelry has such good energy and feels so great on. This is because I purposefully infuse the jewelry with good intentions and energy while making it, and the earth-born stones carry great energy themselves.

For example, Sara intentionally wore her Chela Gurnee jewelry during her first week back to teaching. She wanted to feel and emit confidence and positive energy! And it worked! Her first week back was a great success for both her and her students.

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